Women and Dental Tourism

Women and Dental Tourism

The dental tourism industry often shows a bias toward men, either by accident or in some cases on purpose. And from reading the literature one would think it is only the men who are interested in a perfect smile but that myth misses the mark: women are just as interested in a perfect smile as the men. And the truth is that women make up almost 50% of dental tourism clientele and thus women deserve more credit for driving a growing industry worldwide. And in the later years women are often the catalyst for couples who want to travel together and enjoy cosmetic or restorative dental services at an affordable price. 

Bargains and Dental Tourism - Women Lead

It's a running stereotype that women spend more money than men. In truth this is not always the case. Quite often women are more in tune with what constitutes a reasonable price, women know how to ask for discounts and bargains, and they generally follow through once an agreement is made. And gender aside, everyone wants a quality bargain when it comes to self-pay dental work such as implants, veneers, crowns, or any type of cosmetic dentistry. And this is especially true for those from cost-prohibitive places like the UK, Canada, the United States,and Australia where even those with some dental insurance coverage have only a few options and not all procedures are covered.  

No Dental Insurance, No Problem

Enter dental tourism -- And here is where women are likely to shine. Not only are women often savvy shoppers, looking for the best deal and the best service, but while traveling women are likely to have some of the best cultural savvy as far as learning the various global customs of greetings, politeness, and the overall social graces of being a good guest. Also, it's been noted that women tend to ask better questions than the men. And it's not likely that women who are seeking quality dental care overseas will want to stay in a shabby hotel, but they also don't want to pay through the nose, either, so they ask about value for quality when it comes to places to stay. 

But along with this, women often seek dental tourism solutions not just because they want a bargain, but the likelihood is also that they've got an itch to travel the world and experience life in other places. Such is the mark of a worldly woman who seeks adventure while wanting to live la dolce vita—the sweet life. 

Some language-oriented women might even learn another language or two, especially if they don't want to impress their dentist or don’t want to use a translator in the rare cases where the recommended dentist does not speak her language. Some might even simply consider it good manners to learn that country's language, to smooth the communication waters overall, long after the dental appointment is over with and they're out having fun with their new smile. 

Women also likely seek out dental tourism solutions because while they know a bargain for quality when they see it, they know that a lovely smile also goes a long way towards rather flirtatious nonverbal communication as well as being able to speak the local language, especially if they happen to be single in a foreign country, and they're the sort to open the door for l'amour

But on the flip side, women are not just about fun and pleasure. Many are shrewd businesswomen who know that while romance and adventure can happen while on holiday, they look for their smile to work for them in business settings as well. And being shrewd business owners, they really want to get plenty of bang for their hard-earned bucks. So while they might engage in international travel for business, they are quite likely to book a dental appointment wherever they're going days ahead of time before an important meeting, just so they have time to look better, recover, and see the sights before they get down to the work-related matters at hand. Afterwards, they can then go home satisfied that they took care of both their business and their physical and mental health, all at once.

But whatever the reasons are for women to adopt the dental tourism lifestyle, they are likely to be superb at social interactions, getting plenty of value for their money, asking better questions that get real answers, to say nothing of likely having an adventurous, fun spirit in whatever way they wish to express it.