Teeth Whitening / Laser Whitening

Laser teeth whitening or other whitening
Bleaching the teeth is an aesthetic procedure that has become very popular over the past 10 years. A wide variety of gels and suspensions are known to guarantee the perfect smile, but the most accurate successful method of bleaching is the one made by the dentist using a blue laser.
How does the blue laser work?
The vital structure of the tooth is covered by dentine and at the surface by enamel, the layer everyone can see. The enamel is white, but the layer is so thin that we can see the dentine, which is a bit yellower in color. While brushing the teeth, we can only action on the enamel and that is the reason why we cannot bleach our teeth at home.
While whitening the teeth, the very first step is to put gel onto them and then, using the laser, the dentist will help the gel penetrate even the deepest structures.
The laser bleaching needs to be done in three different steps of twenty minutes each. It is important to know that teeth have the tendency to recolor especially in the first three months after the procedure, but the whitening effect will last up to two years.
It is not recommended to bleach your teeth at home because there is the risk to damage their structures. Another important thing to remember is that the teeth are more sensitive after the procedure; thus, it is likely the dentist will recommend a dentifrice that will reduce or minimize the sensitivity.