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Georgia's Trinity Church

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It lays at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north, over the Caucasus Mountains. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total territory covers 69,700 square kilometers.

Population is almost 5 million. Official language is Georgian. Country is unitary semi-presidential republic. Georgian currency is Georgian Lari (GEL). The native name of Georgia is “Saqartvelo”.

The climate extremely diverse, considering the nation’s small size. The highest mountain in Georgia is Mount Shkhara at 5,068 meters.

A large majority of Georgia’s population (83.9% in 2002) practices Orthodox Christianity.

Largest cities and towns of Georgia are : Tbilisi; Kutaisi; Batumi; Rustavi; Zugdidi; Gori; Poti;

Medical Tourism in Georgia

Georgia is one of the top destination for medical, cosmetic or dental health care. It is very popular now to travel abroad to get the best medical services and the reasons are very convincing since you save on medical costs, the patients get the best quality medical care and diagnostic services without needing to be on a waiting list, you have the protection of privacy and everybody gets the opportunity to combine a well-deserved vacation with top-notch medical procedures.

Georgia is also the country of beautiful smiles, because medical services are developing rapidly and they still remain cost effective. With the best dentist clinics, offering high-quality services to international standards, you will be amazed by the holistic services medical tourism in Georgia has to offer. From helping you choosing the right clinic and doctor, to accompanying assistance and organization of sightseeing tours in Georgia, every clinic strives to provide only the best facilities for the medical travelers.

Endless Tourism Possibilities

Georgia is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, with climatic zones ranging from subtropical to high alpine to semi-desert. Georgia is also home to vast expanses of completely unspoiled wildernesses, including one of Europe’s largest national parks. Our pristine wetlands and mountain aeries make this country a Mecca for bird watchers worldwide. Bears, lynxes and even leopards can be found in Georgia’s dense forests of Caucasian fir-the tallest trees in Europe.

Georgia is a year-round destination. In Georgia, you can swim in the sea as late as November – one of the longest swimming seasons in Europe. After that, why not head to the mountains, where there is guaranteed snow until late April, making Georgia a top destination for skiers and snowboarders. Any month of the year though, you should try our famous Spring waters, curative and tasty.