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Americans Leaving Home to Get That Hollywood Smile

Americans Leaving Home to Get That Hollywood Smile 

These days, nothing but the best will do. It used to be that you could make do on a so-so smile, with just a brush and a floss, healthy gums, and semi-white and almost straight teeth. As long as you didn’t have the spinach from lunch making you lick your teeth, you looked all right by most peoples’ standards.  Those days are gone. Today, if you really want to make it, from down at Wal-mart to the high-fashion world, your teeth must be virtually flawless.

American Dental Insurance Insufficient

Most people cannot afford to achieve that level of perfection in their dentition. The cost of a new mouth is exceeding that of a new car these days. Most people who thought that extra $5 per month tacked onto their health insurance at work for the dental plan are finding that it only covers half the costs of the treatment plan once they are in the dentist’s chair. It just doesn’t seem fair. You go there, trust the system, let the dentist do the initial exam, let his hygienist do the cleaning, and get all excited to see what the doctor of dental science has to say.

Then, he prints out a fancy treatment plan, complete with veneers, whitening, tooth-colored composites to get rid of all those old metal fillings, and tops it off with some crowns, bridges, and implants. You look at the price tag, and initially think that dental insurance was a good decision. Then the nice D.D.S. explains that the number you are seeing on the bottom line is after insurance. Good gracious, you think, you could remodel your house for that much! Actually, the words in your mind are a little more r-rated, but you keep your cool as you calmly remove the blue bib and say goodbye to the bilker.

Baby Boomers Turning to Dental Tourism

With someone turning 50 every 8 seconds in America now, the baby boomers are remembering very quickly that there was a reason they held off on getting that Hollywood smile their whole lives. Now, however, there are more options than ever. Americans have discovered dental tourism. With early retirees and those looking to travel, they are finding that the fantastic vacation destinations that they have been longing for are also the top spots for foreign dentistry: Places such as Costa Rica, Philippines, Vietnam, and Mexico are all on the radar now.

Among the younger, glamorous jet set, the Kardashian types, dental tourism is booming as well. No matter how wealthy people are, they still love to save money. Most dental destinations are in the range of 50 to 70 percent less than what is charged by American dentists. Plus the draw of exotic travel destinations is highly appealing as well. With anonymity and privacy at a premium these days, what better way to ditch the paparazzi than to get your dental work performed in a foreign port? It’s a win-win for many of the Hollywood stars who would rather not have it known that they “had some work done,” even if it is only on their choppers.

With social media and selfies becoming the predominant means of self-expression, a winning smile is more important than ever. Efforts to stamp out bullying have been slightly effective, but the best defense is a winning offense. Give your kids the best fighting chance to begin with, by getting top-notch dental work done that will help their self-esteem. Kids born with discolored or mottled teeth can come home from a family vacation with brand new veneers to brighten their entire life going forward. The teen years are a crucial formative period into young adulthood. No one needs to be made fun of or shunned for their less-than-shiny teeth. Help that youngster be all they can be and see another country while you are at it.  

If you remember Pen Pals, then you can appreciate what a confidence booster it would be for your boy or girl to meet someone, say from Canada perhaps, who was also getting dental work done at the same dental tourism clinic as your child. What a Facebook friend they would make! Your kid’s first international experience could be one that changes their life and broadens their horizon in more ways than one while giving them that winning smile. They don’t have to know that the cost savings paid for the trip. But you can have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands with certified dentists who meet or exceed all proper hygiene and dental surgery standards for their respective countries.