Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Canucks Save Big Bucks on Dentistry in Mexico

Los Algodones is the northern-most town in all of the vast country of Mexico. It sits just south of Yuma, Arizona, across the international border. This once sleepy little town takes two other crowns as well: Fastest growing tourist destination in Mexico, and highest density per capita of pharmacies, doctors, opticians, and most importantly, dentists in the world. The small city, once a secret of snowbirds, is now out of the bag as the go-to place for saving a sack of cash for Canadians.

North America is huge. One might think that Canadians would have a closer place to visit for foreign dental work. The truth is, Los Algodones fortunately encompasses all of the attractive features for Maple Leafers: Warm weather, and a choice of arrival options. The continent may be large, but is also connected; which means Canucks can come by car or truck, RV, motor home, motorcycle, or foot. Getting there is just that easy. Of course, the recommended way is to fly into Yuma, and cross the border by automobile.

Los Algodones from Yuma, Arizona

Yuma, however, is situated conveniently right on Interstate 10, the East-West corridor for the lower 48 states in America. For many years, Arizona has been the favorite place for Canadians to winter. So, many of them are already within striking distance when the mood strikes them to go a little further south for some affordable dental work. It’s just an extension of the adventure, a side jaunt to go haunt the hacienda de odontologia, as they say down Mexico way. Besides, Los Algodones is a friendly town, set up for the tourist to enjoy and stay in should the need arise. A treatment plan can often start simple and suddenly expand to veneers and implants.

This is because many Canadians are deprived of comprehensive dental insurance that covers elective procedures such as cosmetic dentistry and other non-essential services. But once they start having fun in the sun, get a taste of mi casa es su casa hospitality, and get comfortable in a chair with a nice, smiling, dental professional who knows what he is talking about; things take a turn for the go big or go home. When someone has margaritas in the blender waiting at the hotel to recuperate, what’s an extra root canal or two when they are so cheap? This is typically the way the thinking goes. 

Of course, not everything is a walk in the park. Potential dental patients always want to do their homework first. Check out the clinics online. Look for ones that will consult and work up a preliminary treatment plan online before you go. An electronically signed pre-contract, only partially paid dependent on satisfactory treatment completion is even better. Get it in writing. Then, you can relax. Look for clinics that offer the complete package. Most clinics in Los Algodones speak fluent English; but see if you can’t secure a guide who speaks your language and will pick you up at the airport or meet you at the border. These perks and extras are the hallmark of Mexican dental clinics that really care.

Dental tourism is booming. Countries all over the world are scrambling for foreign patients to feed their growing practices. The sad fact is, not all countries have perfected the process. You can read stories online of patients in some far away destinations who are left in the cold, to clean up after themselves, and see their way out. Those are scary scenarios. But Canadians, above anyone else, are looking to come in from the cold. That’s why all of our dental tourism destinations have been thoroughly researched and evaluated for patient comfort, convenience, cost, and follow-up care. It’s just common sense. No one wants to get stranded somewhere with a fly-by-night operation.

Premium Clinics in Los Algodones

Premium clinics follow certain procedures, including proper hygiene, certified dentists, full cost disclosure prior to treatment, and post-operative screening for proper dentition fit. This means ceramic and metallic crowns with proper occlusion and margins, fillings that are not high, bridges that are cemented correctly, and root canals that are infection free for the flight home. It’s all part of the reason that people from Canada keep coming back again and again to Los AlgodonesMexico to get their teeth worked on.

But is it really fair that you can make someone jealous with a smile, especially when they kept your driveway shoveled while you were away? No, it’s not the tan, your teeth really are that white now.