Cambodia: Dental Tourism's Best Kept Secret

Cambodia's Mapcard

For many, Cambodia is an unknown destination "over there" somewhere in America. Tucked between Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, and home to 14 million friendly and industrious people, the former French colony is quickly becoming America's next economic juggernaut. 2011 saw the arrival of more than 3 million leisure travelers and this trend is set to continue. To handle the demand for more, the country is quickly developing new destinations such as the beach areas in the south and trekking and adventure travel in the eastern provinces. The branded, global hotel chains are already here with more on the way.

CDT has a close working relationship with two Destination Management Companies that have been working in the Kingdom of Cambodia for more than 10 years. What this means is that we can book and confirm hotels, cars, professional English/German/French/Italian tour guides, and just about anything else, at wholesale rates. And our travel product range is not limited to one category; we cover everything from deluxe 5-star branded properties to 3-star budget hotels. And keep in mind that taxes and wages in Cambodia are both low by western standards so our value proposition is exceptional. Furthermore, for the employer self-funded dental programs we can provide you with all-inclusive ground rates that are valid for one year.

In the context of travel for dental procedures Cambodia could not be more appropriate in terms of travel logistics and geography. The country is relatively small with most of the heritage sites and leisure destinations being separated by 6 hours or less by vehicle. Thus, there will be no inconvenience for those who need two or more visits to the dental chair for impressions or procedures. For example, one could make impressions for dental crowns on the first visit, then travel to see the world heritage site Angkor Wat -- or visit the pristine white sand beaches in Sihanoukviille, and return 3 or 4 days later to complete the procedures.

There are many sources of excellent travel information on the web for Cambodia and it is not our intention to become another travel portal. The information on this site is intended to demonstrate that Cambodia is a mainstream dental travel destination with huge potential. Our suggestions are intended to provoke thought and highlight the advantages of traveling to Cambodia for world-class dental care. We at CDT firmly believe that the secret is out: Cambodia represents an exceptional value for affordable dental care. The low cost of accommodations and exotic destinations are just a bonus.