Romania - Excellent Reputation For Dental Services

Romania's Castle of Corvin

Situated in South-East Europe, this idyllic country is a treasure trove of art, culture, history and stunning landscapes. From Romania’s vibrant and flourishing art scene to the scenic beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, Romania offers its visitors a myriad of unique travel experiences.


Romania has earned itself an excellent reputation for the high quality dental services it provides. The Romanian Dental Association of Private Practitioners Dentists, in conjunction with other industry associations, ensure that Dentists in Romania are trained according to the highest medical standards in Europe, which includes several years of apprenticeship before practicing. Visitors to Romania will benefit from state-of-the-art modern equipment and high quality, affordable treatment with prices up to 30-90% lower compared to other European, Canadian and US centers. 

Croatia - A Well Invested Dental Tourism

Croatia's Pula Arena

Croatia is the perfect dental tourism destination, if you are looking to combine quality dental services with a magnificent Mediterranean getaway, Croatia is the place. Located between the Balkans and Central Europe Croatia is a country with an incredibly rich cultural legacy, pristine beaches and gorgeous landscapes that are not to be missed.

Reputation for Excellence in Dentistry

Croatia is a country that has invested a lot in its medical tourism and is well known for its health centres and resorts and now it is also becoming one of the top spots in Europe for dental tourism. Visitors to Croatia’s dental clinics will benefit from modern state of the art technology, excellent and affordable dental services with prices 50-70% lower than those offered in other US, Canadian and other European dental centres. Low prices do not mean low quality, in fact the opposite is true, all dentists in Croatia are trained to the highest standards following a demanding five year course of study as well as a year of practical internship before being allowed to practice professionally. Furthermore, almost all dentists here are bilingual so there is no need to worry about the language barrier.