Guatemala: Offers Dental Care To A New Level

Guatemala's Alchetron Temple 

When people think of Central America, for some reason, they still envision a tumultuous no-man’s land between where Mexico ends and South America begins. But the truth is, the turbulent days of the string of small countries that make up this tropical region have seen peace and prosperity for the past two decades. The governments are democratic, the people speak both English and Spanish, and the area is flourishing. This is especially true in the most populous yet least mentioned country comprising this continental chain link, Guatemala.

With two coastlines and a mix of moist, mountainous domains mingling with productive plains and arid deserts, this little republic packs in a plethora of traveler’s pleasures in one compact paradise. It’s a wanderer’s dream, offering a dalliance into ancient Mayan history while delving into Spanish and European colonial heritage. One could backpack or bum around Guatemala for months, or have a luxurious vacation lasting only days and still come away with equally enduring memories. Getting around is easy, and La Aurora International Airport (GUA), is the best way to get here.