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Varaždin: A Perfect Combination For A Dental Travel

Croatia's Stari Grad Old Castle

Croatia: One of Europe's Best Kept Secrets for Cosmetic Dentistry

Known as Croatia’s ‘Little Vienna’, Varaždin is one of Central Europe’s oldest and most beautiful cities. Located north of Zagreb, Varaždin is a city whose rich history goes back to the 12th century, when the city housed the region’s wealthiest nobles, landowners, artisans and artists. Well known for its beautiful Baroque style buildings with their elegantly coloured facades and its fairy-tale castle, it’s almost impossible not to be charmed by this historic gem of a city. Varaždin is the perfect place if you are looking to combine culture and history with excellent, affordable dental care.

Reputation for Quality Dental Work

Varaždin is relatively new to the dental tourism market offering competitive prices, beautiful surroundings and friendly service. The dental services provided are of the highest quality as dentists must follow a tough and demanding qualification process while keeping up with the latest techniques and technologies. 

Dental Procedures offered include: