Aesthetic Fillings


When we refer to aesthetic "fillings" we are talking about one of two types of natural-looking tooth-colored restorations that are substitutes for the legacy amalgam and gold fillings.

The simplest type of aesthetic filling is what people commonly refer to as "bonding". This filling is performed by the dentist in one single sitting and is comprised of a composite resin material (a mixture of glass and resin particles) that is placed into smaller cavities and bonded or adhered to the tooth chemically with special liquid “bonding agents”.

The second type of aesthetic filling is the ceramic inlay or onlay (partial coverage restoration). They are made in our own laboratory, from a high density porcelain-like material that is baked under vacuum pressure in a special Ivoclar Empress processing machine. Ceramic fillings are some of the most aesthetic restorations that modern dentistry can offer. They are strong, natural looking and long lasting.