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Hop Nhat Dental Clinic

Hop Nhat Dental Clinic

179-181 Su Van Hanh Street, 3 Ward, 10 District, Ho Chi Minh City, 32224, Vietnam

Hop Nhat is one of the best dental clinics in Vietnam with world class facilities and new, modern equipment. The facilities were constructed to meet international standards for the medical/dental industry, both for clinical equipment and examination rooms -- and aesthetics. The clinic's most important goal is to achieve the absolute best performance for both examinations and world class treatments. The clinic has an unwavering commitment to quality, it is always our top priority. Oral health is the foundation for a nice and confident smile and we at Hop Nhat Dental Clinic are committed to bringing the best care possible to every one of our patients.



The Hop Nhat Dental Clinic was established in 2010. The clinic has a total of 25 full-time staff including dentists, physicians, nurses, and professionally trained support staff. Many of the staff speak English fluently. The clinic has scale with eight separate, new dental chairs and 5(five) full-time licensed dentists. Each patient is allotted his own examination room so it is rare for anyone to have to wait. The clinic has its own sterilization room, modern digital x-ray equipment, a consultants lounge, and a large separate lounge for friends or family. The clinic's on-site laboratory means that treatment times are shortened as there is no waiting for a third-party lab and treatments are less expensive as the work is done by in-house specialists. 


Certifications and Affiliations

  • JCI
  • ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008
  • ADA Standards
  • Hop Nhat given VN Award for Branding, Customer Focus and Quality
  • Award of Excellence (2013)
  • Award-winning dental center in Ho Chi Minh City
  • HCMC and Vietnam Approved

Additional Services

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Drinks/Beverages
  • Free Hotel Booking Assistance
  • Transfers Assistance

Dental Technology

  • CERCON Technology
  • In-house Laboratory

Hours of Operation

Monday 09:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 20:00
Saturday 09:00 - 20:00
Sunday 09:00 - 17:00

Additional Notes

Public Holidays: 09:00 to 17:00

Accepted Payment Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Clinic Images

consultation  English speaking staff  Hop Nhat Dental Clinic Operating Room  Hop Nhat Dental Clinic Operating Room  foreign patients  Front of new building  modern x-ray  Dental Surgery 
Hop Nhat Dental Clinic


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Hop Nhat Dental Clinic

San Antonio, TX, USA
Both me and my daughter (28-years-old) had extensive work done at Moon's clinic. I got 20 teeth crowned and a partial denture. My daughter had 24 teeth crowned. It took about 2 weeks to finish the work. My daughter got the zirconium crowns for her front teeth, and I got porcelain crowns. Moon is the clinic manager. Her English is not that good. But if something wasn't clear, we would rephrase the question or just tell her we didn't understand, and she would rephrase. She knows her stuff about dentistry, no doubt about that. The dentists in her clinic don't speak much English. They can say rinse, open, sit up, etc. But Moon was always there to speak for them when needed. They don't have some of the latest equipment, like the panorama x-ray and computer monitors at each chair, but dentists were fixing teeth long before those things were invented, so I figure that stuff really isn't necessary for good dental work. Most of Moon's customers are locals (not foreigners), so her prices are lower than the clinics in other parts of the city that cater to foreigners. Although clinics that cater to foreigners will have set prices that are not negotiable, those prices are going to be higher than Moon will charge you. It depends on the tooth and type of crown, but I paid an average of about 150 USD per crown. My daughter had her teeth cleaned and got her annual checkup at her dentist's office in Texas about 2 months afterward. Her dentist said that the quality of the materials used for crowns were as good as the stuff he uses, and that the workmanship was as good as any he had seen. Two of my friends (one American and one Australian) have also had work done at Moon's clinic, and both are very happy with their teeth. As for me, I never had straight teeth, and my teeth were discolored from years of coffee and cigarettes. My new teeth are straight and white. A few people I have met have commented on how good my teeth look. Feels pretty good when that happens :)
Overall score:4.8333333333333
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


Nguyen Dinh Hao DDS
English, Vietnamese
HCMC University

Võ Thụuy Khánh Thủuy


English, Vietnamese

HCMC University

Nguyen Thanh Duy


English, Vietnamese

HCMC University

Le Yen Phi


English, Vietnamese

HCMC University

Le Dinh Tru


English, Vietnamese

HCMC University

Đào Ngọc Minh Nguyệt (Mrs. Moon)

DDS, International Patients Coordinator, Clinic Manager

English, Vietnamese

HCMC University

Also DDS

Procedures & Prices

The procedures and prices information has been provided by the clinic and is generally very accurate. Please submit a quote request using the orange button to the right if you are able to describe the procedures needed and your expectations.  

The accuracy of detailed quotes is greatly enhanced by pictures or x-rays so please attach those if available. 


Procedure Price Duration
Aesthetic Dentistry I
In-office Whitening with Brite Smile USD $ 138   Details
Scaling USD $ 11.5 - 23   Details
Deep Cleaning USD $ 11.5 - 18   Details
Polishing and Airflow USD $ 9.5 - 12   Details
Teeth Whitening, take home kit USD $ 75   Details
Sealant USD $ 11.5 - 29   Details
Composite Filling USD $ 20 - 55   Details
Extraction (incisor, canine, premolar) USD $ 18 - 29   Details
Extraction (molar, wisdom tooth) USD $ 64 - 127   Details
Surgical Extraction USD $ 87 - 115   Details
Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgery USD $ 115 - 145   Details
Flouride Application USD $ 23   Details
Aesthetic Dentistry II
Metal Crown with Full Metal Frame USD $ 75   Details
Ceramic Crown with Metal Frame, Full Ceramic, Ceramic with Gold Frame (Cercon) USD $ 150 - 450   Details
Crom-Coban Porcelain (Ceramic) Crown USD $ 69   Details
Titanium Porcelain (Ceramic) Crown USD $ 138   Details
Facet or Veneer USD $ 253   Details
All Ceramic Crown (Cercon Zirconia CAD/CAM) USD $ 253   Details
All Ceramic Crown (Cercon HT Zirconia CAD/CAM) USD $ 328   Details
Laminate - Veneer - CAD/CAM (Ivoclar Vivadent) USD $ 253 - 276   Details
Composite Veneer - Direct USD $ 23 - 35   Details
Pin Retention USD $ 11.5 - 18   Details
Remove Bridge, Pin USD $ 18   Details
Temporary Crown USD $ 6   Details
Tooth USD $ 32.2   Details
Metal Frame USD $ 94.3   Details
Cr-Co Frame USD $ 156.4   Details
Partial Acrylic Dentures USD $ 18 - 23   Details
Partial Ceramic Dentures USD $ 46   Details
Partial Temporary Dentures USD $ 12   Details
Biosoft USD $ 138   Details
Titanium Frame USD $ 138   Details
Fracture Nets USD $ 29 - 58   Details
Panoramic X-Ray USD $ 23   Details
Digital X-Ray USD $ 2.5   Details
Implant Dentistry
Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) USD $ 700 - 1,100   Details
Bone Grafting, Sinus Augmentation USD $ 575 - 1,150   Details
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal (any tooth) USD $ 27 - 92   Details
Periodontic Pocket Curette + Irrigation USD $ 14   Details
Periodontic Pocket Curette + Irrigation USD $ 33   Details
Calcium Hydroxide Application USD $ 14 - 33   Details

Clinic Guarantees and Warranties: Please contact the clinic for exact details.

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179-181 Su Van Hanh Street, 3 Ward, 10 District, Ho Chi Minh City, 32224, Vietnam

Hop Nhat Dental Clinic

179-181 Su Van Hanh Street, 3 Ward, 10 District, Ho Chi Minh City, 32224, Vietnam
Hop Nhat Dental Clinic

The clinic is centrally located in District 10 but not far from District 1. It is a 10min taxi from Pham Ngu Lao Road, the area popular with budget travelers and 10min by taxi from Benh Thanh Market, the most famous market in HCMC. One can scan the QR code to the left and use for navigation and google maps "directions" will also work in HCMC.