Bangkok: Thailand's 1st Choice for Veneers


Affordable Dental Veneers, Premium Dental Clinics

Bangkok is ranked as one of the world’s top cities for dental tourism. A whopping 15% of dental tourism takes place in Thailand. It isn’t hard to see the appeal in travelling to Bangkok: The city’s rhythm will have you dancing to its beat in no time and you will be caught up in the thrill and excitement of this fascinating part of this world. And in addition to the fun stuff, Bangkok is also an ideal destination to have those smile enhancing dental veneers done affordably and in a premium dental clinic. 

Though modern and fast paced, Bangkok remains rich in culture. Phenomenal food, vibrant nightlife and bustling streets are some of the attractions to look forward to. Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise with many markets and malls to chose from. Some of the must-see historical sites are The Grand Palace, Suan Pakkad and Wat Pho (the temple of the reclining Buddha).

Accommodation and transportation are affordable and easy to access in Bangkok. You can travel around the city through various options: subway, skytrain, taxis, tuk tuks or buses. When it comes to hotels, you would be spoilt for choice. You could find accommodation within any price range to match your budget and hotels are within short distances of the dental clinics. Flights to Bangkok (Don Mueang International Airport (DMK), Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)) are equally easy to find as Thailand is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

By selecting from our curated list of Bangkok dental clinics, you will find affordable dental care resulting in savings of up to 70% from the developed world. Porcelain Veneers (also known as dental laminates or bonding) are a popular choice for enhancing one’s smile as they are highly effective for covering up chips, gaps between teeth, stains, discolouration, slight crookedness and misshapen teeth.

Affordable Porcelain, Composite Resins, or Zirconium Veneers

Veneers are an expensive luxury in the West but can be fitted at a fraction of the price in Bangkok, thus making it a worthwhile trip when you consider all that Bangkok has to offer for fun and culture and the favourable exchange rates for Westerners. You would have the option to choose from ceramic, composite resins or zirconium, all of which will leave you with a bright and natural smile.

Veneers are less intrusive on the teeth than dental crowns and the procedure is less intensive. Procedure times vary depending on the preparation required for each individual client, but the procedures are pretty standard and some veneers can be made in the clinics, which saves waiting time. Recovery is straight forward – you would need to eat soft foods for the first few days. Once the Veneers are firmly bonded to the teeth, you are able to eat any type of food.

veneers procedure

Making the choice of travelling to Bangkok for Veneers is a no brainer when one considers the benefits of convenience, affordability and professionalism, not to mention the experience of travelling to one of the most exciting and interesting cities in the world.

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